Mens Tattoo Designs

 What is Trending in Men's Tattoos right now? Men used to do a lot of tribal arm bands. Those have really came and gone. What seems to be trending right now is big forearm pieces , should tattoos rib tattoos,and upper back tattoo's. Guys still love pin ups and Sailor Jerry type tattoos. With the popularity of the UFC and all the fighters being tattoo'd up more and more men are getting tattoos.

The worst thing you can do is just walk in a tattoo shop with no clue what to get. So many men getting a tattoo go in on a dare, because they are drunk, or just impulse. Remember a tattoo is there forever or see our removal page. But for the most part really figure out what you are going to get tattoo'd on you. We designed this site to help you pick out the perfect tattoo design idea.

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